Healing Consciousness Foundation

Zen Calligraphy Workshop

The Art of Non-Doing

This workshop takes a little courage. It will ask the participant to suspend reality, remove images from the mind, and open yourself to the free expression of the body’s energy, Chi. The idea behind Zen is the emptying of the self’s preconceptions and negativities’, giving the self permission to move a brush with joy and abandon. This type of painting has a, “…Contempt for ‘prettiness’ and for formal ‘style’… it reveals to us something of the freedom…” that helps us reject perfection. It frees us from saying, “I’m not creative; I have no artistic talent.”

No artistic ability is required and there are no prerequisite course work needed. All art materials will be provided. It is recommended you wear comfortable clothes and bring a cover-up to prevent ink splashes. Also, bring the joy deep in your heart. We are there to have fun.

Frank Champine is the instructor for this workshop. The supplies you will need for the workshop will be provided. The workshop starts at 9 AM and ends at 4 PM. A light lunch will be provided.

Registration Fee: $20.00

Please note: This class is for Breast Cancer Thrivers.

Class size is limited to 10 participants.

The Zen Calligraphy is offered several times throughout the year. Refer to our Calendar of Events for the date and time of the next workshop.