Healing Consciousness Foundation

The Path of Ease and Grace Workshops

The Shanti Mission Harmony Centres has joined forces with HCF to offer amazing workshops of spiritual healing.  These Ignite Your Spirit workshops, led by healers of the Shanti Mission, allow you to learn how to perceive chakras and auras. Participants receive energy activation, experience powerful meditations, and learn basic energy healing as a means to develop their consciousness. The workshops explore the meaning of intimacy and its natural cycles. Students take an experiential journey to become more aware and nurturing of the self. It also helps to find ways to raise their vibrations and the vibrations of their relationships. A series of 2-day weekend workshops are offered throughout the year.

Registration Fee: N/A

Please note: Breast Cancer Thrivers, patients at high risk for Breast Cancer, and caregivers have priority in these workshops.  However, these events are open to the general public.

Class size is limited so registration is required. A minimum of 8 attendees is required to hold this workshop.  

If you are interested in attending a future workshop, please email the HCF administrator with your interest.

This workshop is not currently being offered.