Healing Consciousness Foundation

Meditative Brush Painting Workshops

HCF offers a series of four workshops that teach the Four Gentlemen of Chinese and Zen Brush Painting.

First Gentlemen – Introduction Class

The first class provides a beginners’ reflection on an ancient art form that can offer you hours of relaxation and reflection.  This workshop focuses on introducing participants to the Four Gentlemen of Chinese and Zen brush painting.  We will learn the ritual of the spirit-filled bamboo brush, the blending of ink, and the 5,000 year old brushstrokes that will lead to a finished painting by the end of your first class.  Along the path to a finished painting, we will delve into brief sessions of meditation leading to the application of mindfulness during our painting sessions.  This workshop will help you bring your natural creativity forward and recognize the vast amount of spiritual energy we all have and exhibit in our daily lives.  No artistic talent is required and all materials will be provided.

Second Gentlemen – Bamboo

The Second Gentleman in brush painting is bamboo, but it should be called “Healing Bamboo.” The strokes build on the wild orchid for they are the foundation of all four gentleman. However, the new strokes in bamboo painting require energy and delicacy at the same time. When down and out, angry, or passionately excited that is the time to add Healing Bamboo to your meditation. You will leave the workshop with a beautiful painting, a self-designed note-card and a new technique to add to your meditative brush painting repertoire.

Third Gentlemen – The Plum Blossom

The Third Gentleman in brush painting is “The Plum Blossom.” The plum endures winter’s cold and is the first blossoms to bloom in the still chilly air. It is a symbol of hope and rejuvenation because it acts as a herald of spring. The plum builds on the “Wild Orchid” and the “Healing Bamboo” using strokes from each of these unique plants and adding dramatic tree branches and delicate blossoms. These new strokes require the use of strong side passes with the brush and gentle circles to form the heavy tree branches and the beautiful petals of the blossoms.

Fourth Gentlemen – The Chrysanthemum

The Fourth Gentleman in brush painting is “The Chrysanthemum.” This final class in the series completes the practice of the basic strokes in Chinese brush painting. As with the other three, the symbolism of this painting is powerful. The chrysanthemum reminders us of the cycles of life, impermanence, and the value of seizing the present now. Chrysanthemums indicate an unfolding of the inner self, during a tumultuous time of life. More specifically, it represents a time of deep personal growth forged by hardship or conflict. The result leading to a stronger, more realized self. The strokes involved add a depth to our meditation and they bring us to a perfect conclusion to our journey into Meditative Brush Painting.

Class Instructor: Frank Champine

Registration Fee: $40.00

Please note: This class is for Breast Cancer Thrivers.

Class size is limited to 10 participants.

The Meditative Brush Painting Workshop is offered several times throughout the year. Refer to our Calendar of Events for the date and time of the next workshop.