Healing Consciousness Foundation

Life Transitions & Empowerment Coaching

If you are interested in pursuing a 3-month coaching experience to support sustainable transformation in the areas of personal healing and self-empowerment then this program is for you. The purpose of this life coaching program will be to support you in becoming present in your life now, connecting with yourself for ultimate healing, helping you to focus on finding your faith in recovery, and supporting you in processing and discovering your sexual self after surgery.

We offer two life coaches for this program.

Karen Jayne, works to support you through your navigation of the “wake up” call that can come with cancer, and help figure out how to find the opportunities and silver linings from this challenging experience. Her program works to help you make changes that will support long-term healing and well-being.

Judy ViaCava offers a program based on The Cancer Journey model, which is about helping you move from Panic to Powerful, using proven tools, techniques and strategies that you can learn and use immediately whenever you are feeling overwhelmed or panicked to regain a sense of control and power.

All 3 month programs begin with a clarification of what you want to achieve throughout the course of this program and set realistic expectations of goals to attain during this process. There are six hour long sessions included in the 3 month program. You and your life coach will determine the schedule for the sessions.

Registration Fee: $50.00

Please note: This class is for Breast Cancer Thrivers

If after the first session, you and your life coach mutually agree this program is not right for you; HCF will refund the $50.

To participate in this program, please print the Life Transitions and Empowerment registration form and follow the instructions on the form. Contact the HCF Administrator with any questions.