Healing Consciousness Foundation

Healing Threads

We feel the journey to healing should embrace women and men as they are undergoing lifesaving surgery.  To help our patients on this journey, we have purchased garments from the Healing Threads to enhance the post-operative period and allow them to feel special and cared for.

Healing Threads was founded as a labor of love and a mission of hope by three sisters – Peg, Patty, and Claire. They began designing and producing these garments while Peg and Claire were undergoing cancer treatment. After spending hours in uncomfortable hospital gowns, the sisters designed four styles of gown and two styles of pants to bring comfort and calm to a difficult time. Each garment is designed with hidden closures to help keep patients comfortable while maintaining their dignity and modesty.

These gowns help patients to feel more like themselves than when in traditional hospital apparel. We extended our embrace to the Imaging Center at the 45 Second Street Pike location to keep our patients warm and covered during their breast imaging and biopsy procedures.

You can learn more about the garments at Healing Threads website.