Healing Consciousness Foundation

The Geri Thompson Award

by Jean Green.

The Geri Thompson Award was established to honor the memory of Geri Thompson and her active role in the founding of the HCF. The award is made every year at the Celebration of Healing event to recognize the Thriver who has promoted the mission and values of the HCF for the betterment of others affected with breast cancer.

Geri was a vibrant 40-year-old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. During her treatment, she received holistic services to help her on her journey. After experiencing the benefits of these healing modalities, Geri approached her employer, Waste Management, to secure funding for the HCF. Through her efforts, the HCF was awarded $10,000. This gift made it possible to establish the Healing Certificate and Practitioner Programs.

In 2010, Geri was diagnosed with metastatic cancer but continued to be an active participant in HCF programs, including the first “Metafriends” Retreat. Geri passed away in 2014, requesting that those she left behind continue to support the HCF in her memory. With the establishment of this award, her legacy will never be forgotten and hopefully, will motivate others to model her actions and commitment to increasing the impact of the HCF.

2022 Recipient – Penny Martin Holly

We are pleased to announce Penny Martin Holly as our 2022 Geri Thompson Award Recipient.

“I am so very honored to have received the 2022 Geri Thompson Award.  It has been very hard to put my thoughts together in appreciation of it all; because there is so much to be grateful for, and so many to thank.  I first want to thank Geri Thomson for all that she did to get the funding donation to Dr. Beth DuPree, and to thank Dr. DuPree for starting The Healing Consciousness Foundation, as well as the Bucks County Breast Friends.  I also want to thank Geri’s family for establishing this award for us to honor her legacy, and for creating such a beautiful award.  Thanks to the Breast Friends who nominated me, Dr. DuPree, the HCF Board Members, and Geri’s family members who made the decision on my receipt of the award.  I am honored to have been nominated along Jill Indelicato and Marianne Crawford, who are also so deserving of this award.

Thanks to the Celebration of Healing committee members for all their hard work in putting together this beautiful special day in celebration of our survivor/thrivers. I would also like to give a special thanks to Rentall Affairs for creating such an amazing atmosphere, McCaffrey’s for supplying the great food and beautiful roses, Bensalem Township Country Club for the event room, Wink4Pink for all of their help, and the HCF for sponsoring and funding the event.

I was so blessed to have been healed from breast cancer 30 years ago.  Back then, there was nothing locally like the HCF, to help breast cancer patients to heal before and after their surgery and treatments.  Being a member of Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment, I had the opportunity one month after my surgery, to attend the 11 Day Temple Beautiful Program in Arizona.  Luckily, my insurance at the time covered it (of course with quite a bit of persuasion).  The holistic services and treatments there, were very similar to the ones that the HCF now offers.  The experience changed my life in so many ways.  I am thrilled that the HCF is able to offer these types of services right here in this area for our Breast Friends, helping them to heal mentally, physically, and spiritually.

After having been healed from breast cancer, I have made it my mission to help others along their healing journey.  I am even more thankful to be a practitioner for the HCF, offering Healing Touch and Surgical Coaching.  Seeing those who are just starting their journey, who are so full of fear and anxiety, finally able to relax and destress after their first session; is one of the best feelings in the world.  I know in that moment, that I am meeting my soul’s mission.
Those who belong to the Bucks County Breast Friends are a family.  They are our sisters and brothers.  We help each other through the tough times and enjoy the good times.  I so enjoy working on the committees for the HCF events; and doing whatever I can to help others along the way.  It’s what life is about, bringing love and joy to others.

Thanks so much for the honor of receiving this beautiful and heartfelt award.”

2021 Recipient – Stacey Morrin

We are pleased to announce Stacey Morrin as our 2021 Geri Thompson Award Recipient.

“I want to thank the Healing Consciousness Foundation, Dr. Beth Dupree, Geri Thompson’s family, and the voting committee for choosing me to be the 2021 recipient of the Geri Thompson Award.   As I think back to previous winners, I am so honored to be recognized among them.

My cancer journey began 6 years ago, right before my 39th birthday.  Feeling scared, unsure of my future, and not knowing someone going through this to talk with, I attended a Young Breast Friends Support Meeting.  That night would change everything.  I learned about self care and that it needs to be a regular occurrence.  I learned deep friendship with full support and no judgement.  Most importantly, I learned there is life during and after a cancer diagnosis.

I am now 6 years out and am still benefitting from the HCF through lifelong friends I’ve met, incredible practitioners that have helped me overcome obstacles along the way, workshops that have opened my eyes to new ways of thinking and so much more.  The Healing Consciousness Foundation has reached and helped so many women and men not only navigate, but thrive through their cancer diagnosis.  I feel so much pride to know that I am a part of an organization that has the ability to have such a powerful impact on so many people.  Cancer changed my world.  The HCF changed my life.”

2020 Recipient – Mary Lou Gilmour

We are pleased to announce Mary Lou Gilmour as our 2020 Geri Thompson Award Recipient.

“Thank you Healing Consciousness Foundation and Dr. Beth DuPree for the beautiful honor of being the 2020 Geri Thompson Award recipient. I am so humbled and joyful to be nominated with Cari Grundman, Jill Indelicato, Joan McDevitt, and Stacey Morrin.

Geri Thompson was an amazing woman, my client, and my friend. It was such a blessing having her in my life, and I feel gifted to have spent so much time together. Geri was a client of many of the HCF healing modalities, and believed in the healing power of the programs offered by the HCF. As I honor Geri’s memory, and bless her for the gift of $10,000, which initiated the Healing Certificate and Practitioner Programs. I love and bless Geri, her family, and the foundation for continuing to provide breast cancer patients with holistic healing therapies. Thank you to the HCF board members, Dr. DuPree, all the patients, friends, practitioners, and BCBF Group for your love and support.

My blessed journey with breast cancer began in March 2007, and that August I started working with Dr. Beth DuPree and the HCF, offering energy therapy healing sessions for breast cancer patients. I am so grateful for the blessings of being a practitioner for the HCF. 

This year, in March 2020, I officially retired from the HCF, and I am humbled to receive the Geri Thompson Award as my journey with the HCF is completed with love, light, honors, and joy.”

Love, Mary Lou Gilmour

2019 Recipient – Patti Joyce-Gahagan

We are pleased to announce Patti Joyce-Gahagan as our 2019 Geri Thompson Award Recipient.

“Being honored with the Geri Thompson award by the HCF, combined with having a newborn infant at home was a bit overwhelming, and it took me a few days to gather my thoughts together.

I am so very grateful to the HCF, Dr. DuPree, the practitioners, and all of the wonderful Breast Friends I’ve met on this journey to healing.  I’m honored to have been nominated along with Trish Blake, Anne Clark, Kathy Gabriel, Cari Grundman, Penny Martin-Holly, and Joan McDevitt.  To know these women, to be able to call them my friends, and to know their amazing stories is a blessing in itself.

The HCF has changed my life so much for the better.  Through the amazing practitioners, workshops, and retreats, I was able to get past my fears, learned to truly love myself, scars, flaws, and all, and to truly appreciate the wonderful things in life.

I was only 31 years old when I was diagnosed, single, not even dating, and my world shifted.  The HCF, my family, and my Breast Friends helped me to heal, and now I am so blessed to have a loving husband and a beautiful little boy.

So, after all the HCF has done for me, it has been my goal in life to help as may people as possible to not feel alone and scared after a diagnosis.  Guiding them to the practitioners, listening to them, and being there when they need help is my passion.  I try to live life to the fullest, and drag as many people along with me as I can, until they can stand on their own and live a life full of love and gratitude.  I’m so honored and grateful for this special award, and to Geri’s family for continuing to honor her legacy.  Thank you all, you’ve enriched my life in so many ways…”


Patti also wants to share some lyrics from a Josh Groban song.. “Granted” that have a special meaning for her.   “If you have a dream, go chase it; if you feel hope, don’t waste it; if you find love, embrace it; never take a single breath for granted…”  


2018 Recipient – Michelle Brown

We are pleased to announce Michelle Brown as our 2018 Geri Thompson Award Recipient.

“I’m truly humbled and honored to receive The Healing Consciousness 2018 Geri Thompson award.  Although I didn’t know Geri personally, I do know she left a legacy of love and kindness and compassion to help others in their journeys of healing.

My healing journey began 7 years ago when I was blessed to have my appointment with Beth Baughman DuPree, I’m so grateful to god for putting Beth and The Healing Consciousness Foundation into my life. The healing modalities I received and continue to receive are priceless!!. Breast cancer was a true blessing and awakening in my life and I give god thanks for that trial, without it I would have never met Beth and experienced the The HCF and I wouldn’t have the sisterhood of the Bucks County Breast Friends whom helped me and supported me on my healing journey. I feel in my heart that serving on the board and giving back to the foundation that has done so much for me and many others. I feel it is gods calling and purpose for me to help others in their journeys of  Breast cancer. I want to thank my husband John and my children for supporting me in this calling . May God continue to bless Dr DuPree and The Healing Consciousness Foundation with all the resources it needs to help and support all those who are impacted by breast cancer.


2017 Recipient – Connie Cifelli

We are pleased to announce Connie Cifelli as our 2017 Geri Thompson Award Recipient.

“It is such an honor to receive The Healing Consciousness Foundation 2017 Geri Thompson award.  My heart is filled with so much gratitude for being recognized by the foundation in Geri’s memory. 

Geri Thompson was such a giving kind soul.  Geri wanted to give back for the healing modalities that she had received during her first journey with Breast Cancer.   She was able to do that by helping the foundation to plant the seeds to begin a journey of healing for many.  I am not sure if at the time Geri had any idea of the impact of her generosity and the multitude of people who would receive healing.  

After two diagnosis with breast cancer in a two year period I can say that Healing is priceless!   I personally am grateful to the HCF for all the support and healing that I have received along my journey. Through the foundation I have received a lifetime of healing.  I recognize that this was truly a gift, and the reason I was guided to see my surgeon Beth Baughman Dupree who founded this amazing foundation.   

 My prayers for all diagnosed with breast cancer is that they may receive the gift of support and healing that I have received.  Like Geri I want to live my life giving back and paying it forward.   By empowering others and supporting the HCF I too can help others to heal.

 I am forever grateful for The Healing Consciousness Foundation’s vision of healing.  I am grateful for Geri Thompson for helping to make the vision reality may God Bless her soul. “ Connie

Connie has been an outstanding supporter and contributor to HCF. She is an exemplary volunteer. She leads groups, volunteers for fund raisers of all kinds on behalf of breast cancer survivors and research, serves as a coach, and has a great listening ear. She meets all the criteria for the Geri Thompson award and more. She is an HCF Practitioner and facilitates the Healthy Cooking For Life classes and leads the monthly Wellness Warrior Program.

She is always ready and willing to support women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer in every way she can. Since first being diagnosed with cancer, Connie has changed her eating habits and continues to explore ways to improve her own health and that of others.  She models a realistic lifestyle and how one can change.  She encourages others to participate in holistic practices such as yoga and Pilates, and to use their healing certificates. Connie encourages people through posting on Facebook and directing them with new ideas, recipes and other general ways to benefit our whole body.

2017 Celebration of Healing Program Photos

2016 Recipient – Blair Greiner

Blair Greiner Photo

We are pleased to announce Blair Greiner as our 2016 Geri Thompson Award Recipient

Blair encourages others to take advantage of many of the programs and services offered by the HCF. She is in a good place in her life and continues to both use and promote the HCF services to others. She “walks the walk” and “talks the talk” by regularly participating in many of the programs and services offered by the HCF including: Fitness & Exercise Classes, Meditative Brush Painting Workshops, Annual retreats, Healing Certificates, and Life Coaching Sessions.

Blair is an active member of the BCBF and she became the co-leader of the monthly Young Breast Friends (YBF) Support Group after her breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 33.  She provides an “arm to lean on” for newly diagnosed Young Breast Friends and helps them through their cancer journey. The shared experiences of the group is phenomenal.  Although the group officially meets once each month, they are a very connected group and rely on each other in a very real way.  The group has reached out to the HCF to request Weekend Retreats specifically for the YBF’s.

“Being nominated for this award was an extreme honor. Since learning about Geri and her work for the HCF and other breast friends, I am even more humbled to be chosen to represent this award in her honor. Knowing first hand how the HCF changes lives, I knew I had to find a way to pay forward, the opportunities that were given to me both during and after treatment for breast cancer.

I began developing www.pinkEpromise.com when I was in treatment and formally shared it with the world in January of 2012. Since that time, we have been able to donate over $20,000 to the HCF as we are able to share a portion of every sale with the foundation. I am blessed to be included in the Bucks County Breast Friends and Young Breast Friends support groups. Facing the uncertainty of a cancer diagnosis, I was full of fear and the HCF has provided me with a large variety of modalities that I have used to better my health, my life and hopefully influence others to do the same.

Being given an award in the name of the trail blazer that Geri Thompson was, fills my heart in the highest regard. All of the women who were nominated for the award have influenced and positivity changed my life. I am grateful for the chance to stand with them in unison of the cause and with the utmost love. With the support and love of my parents, my husband, my children, and the pinkEpromise team, I feel grateful that I have the opportunity to give back to the foundation that directly supports those who face this disease. Thanks so much! With love and gratitude!” Blair

The Geri Thompson Award

Award image

2016 Celebration of Healing Program Photos

Our event was held on March 13, 2016. We honored our Thrivers with pink roses and presented the Geri Thompson Award.

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