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Metafriends is a special group for those women whose cancer is Stage IV, or Metastatic. This intimate group is there to address the special needs of these women who have issues and concerns related to metastatic cancer that are not typically addressed in other breast cancer support groups. The women of this group have a deeper understanding of the concerns of those with advanced cancer and they freely help each other through the emotional, spiritual, and logistical roller coaster of this disease. The women who comprise this group represent a range of levels of this illness, from those who are NED (No Evidence of Disease), to those who are currently grappling with changing treatment regimens, to those who are making use of clinical trials.

The group is facilitated by Susan Apollon, a licensed Psychologist who specializes specializing in healing, trauma, loss, and working with women diagnosed with cancer.

MetaFriends Meeting

Third Wednesday of each month – 6 to 7:30 PM
Meetings are held via Zoom.  Please email admin@hcfbucks.org for information.

Check our Calendar of Events for the next meeting dates and times.