Healing Consciousness Foundation

Prepare for Surgery

Guiding our patients through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy has become the standard of care. HCF Holistic practitioners guide our patients on their journey to healing by paving the way with integrative therapies designed to promote healing. We help the patient start the healing process by decreasing their anxiety and helping them develop a more positive attitude before, during and after surgery. Our goal is to take into account the entire person — mind, body and spirit.

Our Practitioners
Optional Surgical Coaching Program

Are you about to go through surgery?  Does the thought of it scare you or have you stressed?  This program is provided by Penny Martin-Holly, an HCF practitioner, and can really help you to relieve your stress, prepare you for your surgery, and help you with post-surgery care.  The program consists of 2 sessions prior to your surgery in the HCF Wellness Center and up to 3 sessions after your procedure, which may take place in the hospital, in your home, or in the HCF Wellness Center (dependent upon your surgery).

In your first coaching session we will discuss your feelings and concerns about your procedure and teach you techniques to help you to relieve your stress and activate you healing powers, to optimize your outcome.  You will receive a booklet containing all of these techniques (and more!), as well as a Guided Imagery CD (or recording).  If need be, we will help you to set up a Medicine Mantra, so that you can experience the medication and anesthesia with a positive healing attitude.  We will also discuss establishing a support structure for any assistance you may need after your procedure.  The coaching session is followed directly by a Healing Touch energy balancing session with Guided Imagery.  This will help you to fully relax.

Your second session will include a Healing Touch session with Directed Healing Guided Imagery, which takes place 1 or 2 days prior to your surgery.  This is essential in helping to prepare your cells, organs, tissues, and all parts of your body mentally, physically and spiritually.

Your last 3 sessions take place within 48 hours after your surgery.  These Healing Touch sessions use specific techniques to rebalance your energy field, help release toxicity, manage pain, and facilitate acceleration of the healing process.

Click here to view the Surgical Coaching Form and follow the instructions on the form if you are interested in this program.