Healing Consciousness Foundation

Fitness Counseling


This one-on-one session is designed to educate you about the tools and resources available to change your life.  The HCF offers survivor/thrivers one-on-one fitness sessions with our Core Fitness instructor Diane Manni.  Diane‘s passion is to empower breast cancer survivors and help them transform their lives through the power of fitness and exercise.  Being an 11-1/2 year breast cancer survivor Diane understands the frustration of getting back to being “you”; after the many doctor appointments, surgeries and treatments.

One on one fitness sessions will give you a kickstart to long-term health and fitness goals; incorporating core strengthening exercises, cardio, balance, and movement to improve overall personal flexibility and strength. She will develop a fitness program to match the skill and level of the participants fitness levels and medical conditions, and also maintain contact with you to stay in your fitness zone. Let Diane help you in your fitness journey and stay focused in your quest to become a happier, healthier, stronger you that you know you can be!