Healing Consciousness Foundation

Integrative Healing Therapies

The individual Integrative Healing Therapies offered by our Practitioners are integral to Illuminating the Journey to Healing. We offer therapies ranging from Reiki and Guided Imagery to Nutritional Counseling and Ignite Your Spirit Therapy — The HCF Healing Certificates provide patients with one-on-one healing therapies that fit their individual needs.  Please contact the HCF administrator for information regarding the Healing Certificates.

Patients decide which Integrative Healing Therapies they want to experience using the Healing Certificates provided by HCF.  All therapies are provided by appointment only.

Having difficulty deciding which therapies are best for you, contact the HCF administrator at 215 840-8630. They will be happy to answer all your questions.

Our Practitioners can accompany the patients into the operating room when requested. To learn more about our Integrative Healing Therapies, just click on the menu selections on the left side of the page.