Healing Consciousness Foundation

Geri Thompson Award Nominations

by Ann Griffiths.

The HCF is asking for nominations for next year’s Geri Thompson Award.┬áNominations may be written by the nominee, family members, friends, or co-workers. The Geri Thompson Award is presented annually at the HCF Celebration of Healing Event. Nominations will be accepted between December 15th and January 29th.

Criteria for Nominations

  • Nominees must be a Breast Cancer Survivor/Thriver
  • Nominees must have volunteered their time and talent to HCF or Bucks County Breast Friends (BCBF) to:
    • Educate healthcare workers or those living with a diagnosis or at high risk for breast cancer
    • Promote and/or model positive lifestyle practices to reduce the risk of breast cancer or its recurrence
    • Promote and/or model holistic practices that heal the mind, body and spirit of those living with a diagnosis or at high risk for breast cancer.
    • Generate grassroots or sponsor support that furthers or informs the public about the mission and work of the HCF, as well as financially supports its programming.
  • Nominations will be evaluated based on the nominee support for the HCF in all the above areas.
  • Nominations are open to members of the Bucks County Breast Friends, Current and Past HCF Board (who are not serving as Judges), Donors and Supporters.
  • Judges will be a group of previous or current HCF Board Members, previous Geri Thompson Award Recipients and at least one family member of Geri Thompson.

To download the word version of the nomination form click here

To download the pdf version of the nomination form click here