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Art Therapy Note Cards

We are so proud of our Thriver’s artwork, we have photographed several of the bras and turned them into Art Therapy Note Cards. Survivors expressed their hopes, fears and dreams that have surfaced with the diagnosis of breast cancer. The stories behind each creation are part of the healing. We have captured the results of many of the workshops and have Art Therapy Note Cards available for purchase. The Art Therapy Workshop allows women to express themselves on their healing journey in a unique and personal fashion through the form of Bra Art.

The packaged set includes 12 unique Art Therapy Note Cards. The Thrivers art work is displayed on the front of the note card and their inspirational stories are provided on the back of the note card.

Here is an excerpt from the back of one of the note cards:

“Life is good…..then a routine visit, something is felt, testing… A visit to a breast surgeon…a telephone call: ‘You’ve Got Cancer.’ Life stops. In limbo. Surgery. Chemotherapy. Tamoxifen. Two years later, the breasts as were known, are out of my body. But still lurking, waiting to pounce. Stay aware. Fight it. Through healthy living, hope is enough.”

The cost of a set of 12 note cards is $15.00 and the price includes shipping and handling.

Click here to purchase note cards.

Thank you for your generous support.

We offer the Art Therapy Workshop on an annual basis, please check our Calendar of Events for the next workshop.