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Redeemer Relations – Beth DuPree Announcement

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Redeemer Relations – April 13, 2017

As you know at Holy Redeemer, we encourage everyone to fulfill their Life’s Story. So, it is with our support and much admiration that I announce that Dr. Beth DuPree will be transitioning to a new position with Cancer Centers of Northern Arizona Healthcare (NAH) beginning this Fall. Over a year ago, Beth came to me to discuss the next chapter of her Story. And now, Beth has been called to assist with development of a comprehensive Breast Health Program of the quality and stature of the one she and her colleagues have created at Holy Redeemer!

A transition plan has been developed at Holy Redeemer to ensure continuity of patient care and appropriate transfer of some of her leadership duties. Beginning in September, Dr. DuPree will work at NAH three weeks per month and one week at Holy Redeemer. Dr. DuPree will continue a rotated schedule for the next two years to follow her current patients throughout the course of their treatment. She will not be accepting new surgical patients in the Comprehensive Breast Care practice after July.

Dr. DuPree will remain an active member of our breast health program and continue to provide medical administrative direction for Integrative Medicine, OB/GYN and Surgical Services throughout the remainder of this year and into next year as these responsibilities transition to current and new physician leaders at Holy Redeemer.

During the past year, Cass Egan, Marian Thallner, Dr. Carruthers and Dr. Krisher along with Dr. DuPree have been planning for Beth’s transition to her new role with us. Thus, I am confident that our Breast Health Program and Cancer Care Initiatives already underway will thrive under the leadership of Drs. Carruthers, Krisher and other affiliated physicians and staff. Our plans include the continued growth and expansion of our commitments to Cancer Care at Holy Redeemer.

In addition to Drs. Carruthers and Krisher and their advanced practitioners, Beth Matlack, PA and Tintu George, NP, the practice is actively recruiting additional surgeons and another nurse practitioner to ensure timely patient access to meet the growing demand for appointments which has long characterized the practice. Dr. Carruthers will continue to serve as the Medical Director of the Holy Redeemer Breast Health Program which includes her involvement in our Cancer Initiative with CooperMDAnderson.

Since joining Holy Redeemer in 2009, Dr. DuPree has led our transformation of breast health and breast care services to a level of world-class care in a healing environment. This new opportunity at NAH allows Dr. DuPree to transform another health system to do what Holy Redeemer has already done and to share the culture of Holy Redeemer with others.

Dr. DuPree and her family have had a long-time affinity for the Sedona, AZ area and are thrilled to have this opportunity to now live and work amongst the red rocks they have come to love. Although moving to another location, Dr. DuPree will always be an integral part of the Holy Redeemer family. On a personal note, I will miss her presence but know her influence will continue in her new roles.

Over the coming several months, please join me in expressing gratitude for her many contributions and wishing her and her family much joy and happiness as they continue to fulfill their Life Story.


Mike B. Laign
President & CEO
Holy Redeemer Health System